Fountainhead Single Barrels

Overseas Casks

FH Glenfarclas “Ferd in the Spey” 2nd Edition” (Speyside, Scotland)…..90
Specs: Single Cask # 1065, Special Release 2005 – 2nd Fill Sherry, Non-Chill Filtered – Age:10yrs 6mos – ABV: 46.0%
Tasting Notes: Every bit as lovely as our first award winning cask of this Speyside stunner! The nose, redolent of apple pie, opens to candied-sherried fruits, nutmeg, clove, caramelized oranges and graham crackers. On the palate, this medium bodied and silky dram gives off cinnamon coated caramelized apples, dates, raisins and touches of chocolate. Apricot squares and hints of orange peel play nicely together. The short to medium finish is very pleasant with the ever-present sherry giving off some baking spices reminiscent of gum drop clad gingerbread houses. After a few minutes, we noted a dry, almost salty sensation that had us going in for more.
Suggested neat with a few drops of water.

FH Aaran 10yr Single Cask (Isle of Aaran, Scotland)…..90
Specs: Single Cask, 2nd Fill Bourbon – Non-Chill Filtered – Age: 10yrs – ABV: 50%
Tasting Notes: Ten years in a bourbon barrel has given this rich island malt a ton of character! Bright tropical fruits greet the nose and are quickly followed by fresh pear, oak spice and lemony pine. The robust palate is nutty, slightly grassy and follows the nose displaying pops of fresh fruit and forest floor. The lingering finish is chalk full of vanillas, Belgian chocolate, apricot schnapps and slight briny character. Neat on its own or with a touch of water.

American Casks

FH Buffalo Trace 2016 (KY)…..33
Specs: Single Barrel – ABV: 45.0%
Tasting Notes: Our fourth knockout bottling of Buffalo Trace! The nose greets you with dusty shelled peanuts, orange flower water, spearmint, vanilla bean and great pops of baker’s chocolate. The palate is creamy and round with distinct notes of vanilla cupcakes, a dominant oak spice with herbaceous pops and strong hints of red fruit.
Works best as a sipper shot or over ice.

FH Knob Creek (KY)…..47
Specs: Single Barrel – Age: 12yrs, 9mos – ABV: 60.0%
Tasting Notes: For our first selection of Knob Creek we found an older cask that displayed huge flavors. The nose is all about orange dreamsicles, a strong oak presence, malted milk and vanilla, vanilla, vanilla! The palate pops with ripe juicy red fruits like cherry and cranberry but also shows a lot of winter spices and anise. The finish is gentle and sweet despite it’s strength with hints of sweet raisins and circus peanuts.
Neat w/ water to taste

FH Jim Beam Single Barrel (KY)…..39
Specs: Single Barrel – Age: 6yrs, 5mos – ABV: 47.5%
Tasting Notes: For our first barrel of this classic bourbon, we chose a cherry forward cask that exhibited notes of burnt orange peel, cinnamon and plenty of vanilla. Reminiscent of an Old Fashioned in a glass and meant to be mixed or enjoyed straight, this lovely bourbon is sure to please!

FH Dickle Barrel Select (TN)…..42
Specs: Single Barrel – Age: 11yrs – ABV: 51.5%
Tasting Notes: For our first selection of this Tennessee belle we chose a cask that exhibited all the best of its style. Milled corn husks, hints of tropical fruits, caramel, dusty wood and plenty of buttered popcorn greet the nose while the round mouthfeel gives way to a palate that is redolent with red and dark berries, an underlying sweetness and hints of barnyard hay. The finish is pleasing with hints of pickle brine and whiffs of smoke. It’s just plain good!

FH Corsair Triple Smoke (TN)…..63
Specs: Single Barrel #N30-13-0345 – ABV:62.6%
Tasting Notes: From our friends down south, this specially selected single barrel uses three different smokes to produce a distinct flavor. Peat and smoke at the fore is balanced by sweetness and vanilla. Its buttery broad flavor and along finish make for a memorable dram. Neat w/ water to taste.